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JEMNI Inc. is a SDVOSB, DOBE, Disability Veteran Owned Small Business.  Our client list includes; Jackson Labs, Smiths Medical, VA Veteran's Affairs Pharmaceutical Department, Boeing, Northrup Grumman and Steelcase.  We have been a direct national supplier of Boeing and have been awarded Gold level performance as a distributor the past five years.  JEMNI has competitive pricing that out-performs many of the larger suppliers because of our strategic manufacture partnerships.  JEMNI’s core competencies are in packaging, medical supplies, personal protection equipment, and badging and labeling.  Where we would be a good fit for you and the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services would be in our Badging and labeling.  We are a premier partner and distributor of IDenticard.  IDenticard is a leading national supplier of ID cards and badging accessories.  I know that we can be very competitive on pricing, we have past performance, we are scalable, and our certifications can be a value-add by diversifying your supply chain to include a Disability Owned Business Enterprise (DOBE).  

Brandon Hlavka

Director of Business Development

612.644.4277 brandon@jemniinc.comwww.jemnitechnology.com