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Our Mission

The mission of Disability:IN Alabama (formerly Alabama Business Leadership Network) is to maintain a network of businesses with a commitment to disability issues, identifying areas of need to support Alabama employers by providing resources, information links and qualified job candidates.

Our Story

Our story started with the common misperception that people with disabilities could not work. Our roots stem from government, with ties to the Americans with Disabilities Act, but soon realized without an active collaboration with corporate America, people with disabilities would never be able to participate fully, nor meaningfully, in business.

Disability:IN, formerly the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN), is the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide.

Our growing network of over 160 corporations represent businesses that are committed to expanding opportunities for people with disabilities. Our organization along with 50 Affiliates serve as the collective voice to expand our efforts from local to global.

Together we have helped businesses attract more than 8,000 talented candidates with disabilities, paving new ground in establishing best practices for disability inclusion in business. Yet, despite these achievements, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities sits at 8.2%, about twice that of those without disabilities. 

Foster partnerships with rehabilitation service providers under the coordination of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

Sponsor employer-focused educational and training opportunities related to a wide array of disability issues

"Good faith" effort for compliance outreach, linkages, and resources

Recruit Pool of Applicants

Our Goals

Promote diversity in the workplace by recruiting and retaining people with disabilities

Promote exchange of best practices in disability management among business and industry

How do we help your Business with Disability Inclusion in the Workplace?

1. We give you Business to Business connections for best practices in disability management.

2. We help provide you with how to conduct "Good Faith" effort for compliance outreach.

3. We provide ease of access to real-time job candidates.

4. We offer a "No dues" Membership option with expanded access to resources.

5. We can give quick links to YOUR recruitment website

In order to ensure that members' needs are addressed, Disability:IN Alabama partners with the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) business relations program, READI-NET, to provide direct services, local resources, and must-know information. READI-NET is nationally recognized for providing services to business and is linked to the National Employment team, The NET.