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RAVE (retaining a valued employee) is a unique program of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services that assists employees whose performance is affected by illness, injury,or disability. The program’s goal is to assist with retaining a valued employee, with or without accommodations. (Although some specific work-site accommodation costs may be shared, most services are free.)




Leading you to success RAVE (Retaining a Valued Employee) Managing Disability in the Workplace)

Hang on to workers, cut costs

Helping Business Manage Disability in the Workplace


  On-site job assessment, problem-solving for return to work and performance of essential tasks, identification of accommodations



Counseling and education about medical and mental health issuesPr, provision of job trainers, as needed



Comprehensive communication with employee and employer from initial meeting  through job stabilization



Modified duty/transitional work options

RAVE services meet your company’s individual needs and may include:


Get Help Retaining an Employee

Employee Retention